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Who are we?

The Cape Autism Charity Trust was founded by Paul and Henriette Hubers, parents of son Thom, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of two. Before deciding to relocate to South Africa in 2007 Paul and Henriette lived in Holland with their three children. After being directed from one school to the next, they realised that there was no suitable facility that could provide for Thom's special needs.

Their determination to give Thom the best possible intervention and education led them to open a school for children with Autism with a group of other parents that had the same needs for their children. They opened De Droomboom in 2006 (www.stichtingdedroomboom.nl).

After arriving in South Africa and placing Thom on a one-to-one programme they decided he would benefit from a more social school environment. Unfortunately options were limited and hence the realization of The DreamTree School in the heart of the Cape Winelands.

Henriette also shared her story in a book, ‘Hoera, mijn kind is anders’ followed by 'De dag dat ik hoorde dat' and her last book co-authored with another mom who had two sons with ASD under the name ‘PiP’ (www.uitgeverijpica.nl).

Leading on from the hardcopy book, came Pipbook.nl, a unique social media platform for those dealing with autism. As the disorder is mainly characterized by varying degrees of verbal and non verbal communication and repetitive behaviour, it is essential for young adults (aged 13+) and peers alike, who deal with this condition, to chat, make friends and share their hopes and dreams on a daily basis.

These features make up the backbone and integrity of The Pipbook Group (People in Partnership) and through providing this platform, Pipbook can engage all people who need to liberate their hearts and minds through crucial communication. Pipbook aims to engage not only sufferers of autism and ADHD but their friends, family, partners and professionals who deal the consequences of autism on a daily basis.

PiPbook shows an honest and sincere side to social media. It is here to break through any loneliness and isolation felt, providing an immensely exciting platform to link and share experiences, build relationships and exchange ideas in a genuine, safe and secure environment. It will equip those affected with a tool to find renewed vitality and love for life.

Click on the banner below and join our movement to become a partner in a world of new possibilities: www.pip-book.com

"For success in science and art a dash of autism is essential."
- Hans Asperger
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